What is Moxa Bustion?

Moxa, also called moxa therapy or moxabustion is a concept from acupuncture. At moxa, heat energy is directed to a so-called acupuncture point, with the aim of eliminating a shortage of qi and promoting the qi flow.

Medicinal plants play an important role in the traditional medicine of China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Tibet and Mongolia. Moxa (artemisia vulgaris) is dried and crushed, the grit is burned or a kind of cigar is turned. This moxa cigar is used to heat the skin and acupuncture points with the intention of stimulating the circulation of blood and qi (life energy).

In 2010, a physical therapist at the Erasmus Medical Center graduated on the effect that moxa countries would have on a breech presentation in pregnancy.

Moxa lamp

The moxa lamp consists of an infrared light source, which heats a ceramic plate. The minerals present in this ceramic plate influence the infrared radiation, which results in a better therapeutic effect and the absorption in the skin is experienced as very natural and comfortable.

The black plate, in the head of the device, emits waves which are located in the infrared region of the light spectrum and are identical to the heat waves that occur during moxa burning.

With a Moxa lamp you do in the end about the same as with burning moxa, namely heating. The most obvious difference is that a much larger area can be treated with this lamp. It is of course also noticeable that the characteristic smell of the artemisia vulgaris (moxa) is now missing, the Moxa lamp is odorless. With the aid of one or more needles in the skin, the heat can also be accurately positioned.